Amberdulen (amberdulen) wrote,

Perpetual Tag Post

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And you would be....
Followed you from PBW's blog, thought your analysis of Spidey 3 was great, stuck you on my friends list. :) Don't feel obliged to friend back.
Wasn't my analysis! But I do talk about literayr stuff. Any friend of PBW is a friend of mine...
hi,i want the imps of rose cross & sloth for $6.your paypal email addy is..?

Deleted comment

I do have CC-paypal.Is there a different email addy for that? Let me know so I can send $$,thnx.

Deleted comment


10 years ago

Hi, just found your journal via lookingland and read your Dark is Rising-rage posts. Really just don't understand why they even bothered to make it.

Anyway, mind if I add you to my reading list?
Not at all! My flist has room to spare. :)

You know, the movie tanked, but I think all the Internet buzz might have helped throw the books into a positive light, so it might not've been all bad. I'm badly hoping that they get the Peter Jackson (i.e. True Fan) treatment in twenty years or so.

Also: nanomojo!

Well it's till on circuit here, but I can't bring myself to waste money on it
Hey, just curious if you were going to send that file over to me? I'm at loose ends for the next two days or so during the day and would definitely bend my attention to it.
I was just setting it up over lunch! Expect it this evening. :) Thanks!
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