Amberdulen (amberdulen) wrote,

Quartet of Weird

I really need to go through with that "meat laying around" tag, because Canada has found another human foot on its beaches. Yes, it's in British Columbia. Yes, it's a right foot. I don't know, the more they say "the feet detach by a natural process" the less I believe it.

Dillsburg, PA will see Coatesville, PA's forty-four arsons and raise it 600 earthquakes. Who's tracking the ill omens/signs of the apocalypse these days? Because somebody should take a look a this.

Meanwhile Australia is offering a million-dollar reward for the capture of a man who killed a vampire in 2003. Be careful out there, monster hunters. Those are high stakes.

(Da ha, did I make a "stakes" joke in a vampire story? I did! Hooray!)

Also, if you were going to participate in the Twitter seance on Halloween for some reason, they've chosen the lineup. I am not sure what Shakespeare's ghost will think of being contacted through Twitter, I think it will just confuse him.
Tags: paranormal
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