Daily Delights

1) Vampirism: not as great a legal defense as you might think.

2) Evil sorcerers and those concerned with their practices are going to want to know that there's a full lunar eclipse taking place over the winter solstice this year. If any one thing can prove my "fiction life is now real life" theory, this caps it off nicely. Heavens have aligned, etc. etc.

ETA: 3) Tree with detailed Christian mythos chopped down overnight.

One Fail and One Great Win

File under: monster-hunters doing it wrong: there are certain things you can burn to get rid of demons, but hats are not among them.

(ETA: HOLD THE PHONE. This requires further Googling. I mean research.)

(Victorian people ask, "Hat burning, what's up with that?")

(Journal I can't access says it cures deformity and gives good luck.)

A lot of these stories are depressing, highlighting terrible aspects of the human condition or detailing sad events, but this story of a church thief in Munich? Is just freaking great.